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Grasso Bolo




The New Grasso Bolo is the First in a series of Bolo Style Designs for Bark River Knives that are a Collaboration between Mike Stewart and Mike Grasso. Mike Grasso has been a Knife and Weapons Enthusiast his Whole Life and is an Honored Member of the Los Angeles Police Department.

Grasso and Stewart have been life long friends and actually have been planning to do a line of knives for many years. The Grasso Bolo Design was finalized in January of 2012. The Bolo Design is a universally accepted one that excels in both chopping and cutting.

Knives with a Non-Parabolic Curve are naturally easy to use with the Normal Ergonomic Swing of the Arm. This can be enhanced by using a Snap Cut Technique . You rock the Knife Back – Loosely Holding the Knife with the Thumb and First Finger and as you Quickly Descend with the blade – You Close Your Hand just past the Apex of the Swing to Accelerate the Blade before Impact.

The large Sweet Spot is just behind the Widest Part of the Blade for Maximum Effect in both Cutting and Chopping.

Once this Technique is Mastered You will accomplish more with less work . We chose 5160 for the Blade Steel because of it’s Extreme Toughness.

You will find This knife to be very well balanced and easy to use.

The Sheath for this model was Designed by Mike Grasso and made by Gregg at Great Lakes Leather Works. This Sheath is made to be Carried Crossdraw.

Once Unsnapped – You lift the Blade Clear of the Leather holding the Self Guard and remove the knife through the Open Spine of the Sheath.



Overall Length: 13.125 Inches
Blade Length: 7 Inches
Blade Steel: 5160 @ 57-58RC
Blade Thickness: .217”
Weight: 18 Ounces


Overall Length: 14.675 Inches
Blade Length: 9.250 Inches
Blade Steel: 5160 @ 57-58RC
Blade Thickness: .217”
Weight: 20 Ounces


Overall Length: 17.125 Inches
Blade Length: 12 Inches
Blade Steel: 5160 @ 57-58RC
Blade Thickness: .217”
Weight: 27 Ounces

The entire line is planned to produced during the 2012 / 2013 season