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“The key addition to Urban Survivability” 

General Information:

The Tac-Ops Series are all 100% Full Tang Construction.

This Proto Run is made from A-2 but the Actual Production Run will be made from Cryo Treated 1095 Steel. The Handle Slabs are Precision CNC Machined to very Exacting Specs for a perfect fit on the Full Tang of the Series. The Knives of Prototype Run all have Black Micarta Handles. These Slabs are detachable and are interchangeable from knife to knife of the same model. In the Actual Production Run Ranger Green and Coyote Brown handle Slabs will be added to the mix. The blades are Electro-Static Powder Coated and all of this Run are Matte Black. On actual production runs O.D. Green and Camo Brown will be added in Both Powder Coat and Handle Slabs.

All of the Tac-Ops Series are supplied with Kydex Sheaths that have a Kydex Belt Loop and have the Rivet Placement to adapt the sheath to a Molle System. The Supplied Loop can be mounted for both Right and left hand access. These sheaths are also prototypes and will also evolve over the next run. The Belt Loop and the Handle Slab Screws all are set up for the same 1/8″ size Allen Key.



  • Overall Length:9.375 Inches
  • Blade Length:4.5 Inches
  • Blade Steel:A-2 Tool Steel@ 58rc
  • Blade Thickness:.200 Inch
  • Weight:9.875 Ounces
  • Weight in Sheath:11.875 Ounces




  • Overall Length:10.63 inches
  • Blade Length:6 Inches
  • Blade Steel:A-2 Tool Steel @ 58rc
  • Blade Thickness:.200 Inch
  • Weight:11.125 Ounces
  • Weight in Sheath:13.63 Ounces




  • Overall Length:13.875 Inches
  • Blade Length:8.5 Inches
  • Blade Steel: A-2 Tool Steel @ 58rc
  • Blade Thickness:.200 Inch
  • Weight:16.375 Ounces
  • Weight in Sheath:20.775 Ounces



This has been an interesting Project. Mike Grasso and I actually started on this 20 years ago, distance and our careers got in the way of bringing it to fruition.

The Tac-Ops Series is planned to consist of ten products, two more are in production with the rest on the drawing board.

We feel we make a Great Team and we hope you all do too.

Mike Stewart