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Cinematic & Practical Experience

Mission Statement:

In Experience there is Power.

“Experieri Ea Validus”

Credits: Rambo II, License to Kill, The  Untouchables, Tango & Cash, Heartbreak Ridge, Old Gringo, The Running Man, Farewell to the King, Rambo  III, Cyborg, Roadhouse, Caddyshack II, Total Recall, Bat 21, Ghostbusters II, Predator II, Hunt for Red October, Undercover, Terminator II, Bugsy Siegel, The Night Nameless, Robocop 3, UnderSeige, Unlawful Entry, Unforgiven, Last Action Hero, Young Guns II, On Deadly Ground, Junior, Dark Territory, Gunfighters Moon , Heat, Eraser, The Rock, Glimmer Man, Torpedo, Time Under Fire, In Which He Stands, L.A. Heat, Fire Down Below, Anaconda, Double Tap, Blue Streak, Proof of Life, Showtime, National Security and The Hunted.

Cat Squad, WiseGuy, Private Eye, Hunter, Something Is Out There, China Beach, Glitz, Nasty Boys, Dynasty, Matlock, Jake & The Fat Man, Tour Of Duty, Hardball, Young Riders, Robocop TV, Soldier Of Fortune, Marshall Law, Fantasy Island,The Flash, ER, Partners, Level Nine, Boomtown, Bones, Lie to Me, The Finder and Rogue.

PC for Tom Clancy, Redstorm and Activision, including; Rainbow Six, Rogue Spear, Urban Ops, Covert Ops,Ghost Recon & Splinter Cell.






NineOneOne Team

Our Members have extensive backgrounds in Federal, State, Local Law Enforcement or United States Military applications.

Below is a combined list of Assignments, Schools or Certificates held by different  Members and Instructors.

Varied Member Backgrounds:

Counter Assault Team (CAT) trained to guard the Israeli National Team during the 1984 Summer Olympic Games
Weapons Master for LAPD Training Films
CRASH Homicide and Narcotics Detectives
LAPD Firearms Instructor – Pistol / Shotgun / Rifle
LAPD Expert Witness in the area of Firearms and Tactics
Team Leader, Los Angeles Police Academy: Tactics, Officer Survival & Use of Deadly Force
LAPD Bomb Squad
US Navy SEAL Team
US Marshal SRT

Various Schools attended:

American Pistol Institute
NRA Instructors Development
FBI Rangemaster School
HK Pistol School
Tactical Firearms Institute
NYPD Crisis House
LAPD Handgun Instructors Training School
LAPD Benelli Instructors Training School
LAPD Shotgun Instructors Training School
LAPD Rifle Instructors Training School
LAPD Instructors Development Course
GLOCK Armorer’s Course
GLOCK Pistol School

Partial List of Certificates

Expert – American Pistol Institute
NRA Law Enforcement Instructor
NRA Pistol, Rifle, Personal Defense & Home Safety
FBI Rangemaster
Expert – HK Pistol / Sub Machinegun School
Instructor – LAPD HITS / SITS / RITS / BITS
California Department of Justice Instructor
Police Officer Standard of Training: Advanced
BCIS – Facility
BCIS – Instructor
GLOCK Armorer
FBI FIC School
FBI Weapons of Mass Destruction
FBI Tactical Instructors Course
FBI SWAT – Salt Lake Olympics

Our Instructors have worked or trained with, members of the world’s premier Counter Intelligence and Counter-Terrorism organizations, including but not limited to;

United States Central Intelligence Agency
Federal Bureau of Investigation
US Secret Service
US Marshals Office
US State Department

United Kingdom – 22nd, Special Air Service (SAS)
Germany – GSG9 Special Operations
Israel – Mossad and Shin Bet

In addition, their consulting specialties include Crime Scene Analysis, Dignitary Protection, Hostage Rescue, Surveillance and Counter Surveillance.

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